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Give 110% - Sustained Energy

Give 110% - Sustained Energy

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Introducing DEFENSE, your pre-game powerhouse. This isn't just an energy mix. It's your secret weapon against soft-tissue injuries. Formulated with collagen, vitamin C, and zinc, DEFENSE is the pre-workout mix that builds and restores tissues around your joints. With no added sugars or artificial stimulates, it's the fuel that lets you push your limits. Remember, DEFENSE wins championships.
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Gluten Free

No Added Sugars

Dairy Free

Customer Reviews

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Ismail Showell
Changing my life

My wife and I both take this product daily and we are seeing immediate changes! This is for EVERYONE, not just athletes!! Grateful for this company!!

Patrick Smith
Best in the Business

This drink is truly best in the business. Not only don’t it make me feel good during the workout but even better after. Which is nice to experience after a dreadful workout that a drink can help you so many beneficial ways.

Jay O’Neal

This is most definitely one of the best sport/pre workout drinks iI have ever used. This stuff is definitely top notch. It makes my body feel way better before and after a workout/sporting event. I used to have bad knee pain and shoulder pain, but after using this for a few weeks that pain is almost completely gone. I recommend purchasing this amazing without a doubt.


This drink is amazing!! It helps me keep going through out the day and helps my joints for when i’m on the basketball court. it also plays a huge factor in my recovery allowing my body to recover quicker and it helps my energy levels stay on line and have no crash after a period of time. i highly recommend this drink if you wanna be a high caliber player that wants to stay healthy and out in the field at all times. REMEMBER DEFENSE WINS CHAMPIONSHIPS!!!!!!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the main ingredients in DEFENSE?

DEFENSE is formulated with high-quality ingredients, primarily collagen and vitamin C, to help keep athletes playing the sports they love.

What is the science behind DEFENSE? Why is it special?

DEFENSE is the premier injury prevention mix specifically designed to help athletes stay on the fields. DEFENSE is formulated with collagen, vitamin C, and other high-quality ingredients to help keep you active.

Studies have shown that Collagen can help with injury recovery, improves and repairs tendon health, and can help with joint pain.

Additional studies show that by adding Vitamin C with collagen can boost the synthesis of collagen and help athletes recover faster.

How does DEFENSE help prevent soft-tissue injuries?

DEFENSE contains collagen, which research suggests can help strengthen and restore tissues around joints, reducing the risk of soft-tissue injuries.

How does DEFENSE compare to other sports drinks on the market?

DEFENSE is a premium recovery mix, specifically designed to aid in injury prevention and tissue restoration, setting it apart from typical sports drinks.

How long will it take for my order to arrive?

Orders typically ship within 4-6 days, and delivery times vary based on your location.